Task forces

There are several task forces inside the OSPO Alliance, each of them working on a given matter. Active ones are the:

They meet in the following virtual room for video-conferences: đŸŽ„ https://bbb.opencloud.lu/rooms/flo-jqs-nir-elb/join

Please note that we have and enforce a governance and a code of conduct to ensure a respectful, inclusive and welcoming community.

GGI Handbook task force

This task force is working on future versions of the good governance handbook and the improvement of the My GGI board. Work is currently underway on version 1.2, scheduled for autumn 2023.

  • Leader(s): Boris Baldassari

  • Scheduling: every 2 weeks on Tuesday 14:00 CEST

  • Resources: There is a dedicated collaborative pad used by the taskforce for minutes and consolidating the work done before pushing changes to the handbook. Other pads exists, dedicated to specific subjects:

  • Active participant:

    • FrĂ©deric Aatz
    • Boris Baldassari
    • Silona Bonewald
    • Gerardo Lisboa
    • SĂ©bastien Lejeune
    • SilvĂ©rio Santos
    • Nicolas Toussaint
    • Igor Zubiaurre
    • Florent Zara

Communication task force

It is focused on external communication, disseminating the work done at the OSPO Alliance through participation in events, social media management, brand management, media relations, etc.

  • Leader(s): Catherine Nuel

  • Scheduling: every 2 weeks on Thursday at 14:00 CEST

  • Resources: There is a

    • collaborative pad for minutes taking,
    • GitLab Project to coordinate the work done. It is mainly used to
      • share and store files (logos, boilerplates, etc.)
      • work collaboratively on deliverables
      • keep track of tasks and their status using issues
  • Active participant:

    • FrĂ©deric Aatz
    • Valentina Del Prete
    • Silona Bonewald
    • Catherine Nuel
    • Antonio Conti
    • Florent Zara

Previous Task forces

The following task forces are no longer active. Their deliverables have been validated and committed. Thank you to all those who actively participated.

  • The Governance task force has established the internal governance of the OSPO Alliance (not to be confused with the Good Governance Intiative),
  • The Consultancy task force has set up the Partners Hub.