2023-11-20 — ICYMI: OnRamp sessions replays of October and November

In Case You Missed It, we hosted two great OnRamp sessions in October and November. Let’s delve into the key highlights and takeaways from these enlightening sessions.

Anne-Marie Scott

In October, Anne-Marie Scott (Board Chair of the Apereo Foundation and a member of the Board of the Open Source Initiative) unpacked the concept of “Academic OSPO” and highlighted the full breadth of activities an OSPO could support in a context where open source software is just one part. Open research, open education, open science… are also part of a truly multi-faceted landscape.

View the slides or watch the video to learn more.

Anne-Marie Scott

In November, Boris Baldassari — Chairperson of the OSPO Alliance & Open Source Expert at the Eclipse Foundation — unveiled the new features of the just-released version 1.2 of the Good Governance Initiative. He covered in details the new updates and additions to this iteration of the handbook:

  • Relationships between activities,
  • InnerSource chapter
  • and My GGI Board.

One year after the previous version of the handbook, significant progress has been achieved, providing a more sophisticated and accurate support to organisations of all types. You’ll get everything from the slides and the replay.

All our past sessions can be found on our previous meetings page and the upcoming OnRamp sessions are available here.