2023-10-02 — The “Open Source Good Governance” handbook now available in six languages!

Thanks to the collaborative effort from the open source community, the OSPO Alliance GGI Handbook is today’s most translated document to help organisations building OSPOs.

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The members of the OSPO Alliance are proud to announce the availability of the Good Governance Initiative Handbook in six languages (Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese). With this major achievement, the handbook reaches out a potential of thousands of readers (472 millions of persons are speaking one of the translated languages, including the Brazilians). The GGI methodology to help implement corporate-wide open source policies, and set up an OSPO “Open Source Program Office”, can now be easily exported and used worldwide.

Thanks to the open translation process applied, a large number of contributors has already been involved and this number is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. Based on the open source collaborative management tool Weblate, this process enables translators to benefit from an easy to use interface and tight version control integration, along with quality checks. Other languages will come in the future, including Chinese which has been started.

In parallel of translations, other developments are happening such as the improvement of the implementation methodology, with the GGI Automated Deployment feature. New governance rules allow today to manage the initiative as an open source project. Several Task Forces are also meeting regularly and addressing specific topics, such as the metrics integrated to measure successes at each step, or the integration of InnerSource in the methodology.

The GGI methodology will be soon presented publicly in some major open source conferences, in Italy (RIOS Open Source Week, October 3-5 in Roma and SFScon, Bolzano, November 10-11) and in Germany (EclipseCon, October 16-19, in Ludwisburg).

Please read our Press Release for more details.